In a world where hacking and real-time global communication is the norm, and the status quo is constantly questioned and reinvented, the objective of Opera Beyond is to explore, break boundaries, and create extraordinary immersive experiences.

Time inevitably brings change. Breakthroughs in understanding and innovations in technology alter the landscape of the future. We, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, are steeped in tradition; we honour the classics, the greats – we bring to the stage librettos of splendour.

Now – we want to invite our audiences to be active participators, to stimulate the senses to another level, and to highlight emotions. We bring the prestige, drama, skills, and thrills of the traditional Opera and Ballet, and we move beyond.

This is Opera Beyond.

We are looking for:

Artists _ AR / Thinkers /
Coders ]
Designers + Micro
Utopias /