The second edition of the Opera Beyond Webinar Series will take place on May 18th, 2021


Opera Beyond Jam Sessions are a series of interactive online events, in which we exchange thoughts and share best practices that we’ve learned from having found ourselves at the crossroads of performing arts and new digital technology.

The curated program includes inspirational master classes from visiting speakers, concrete case studies from various organizations and open discussion between all participants. Participation is free of charge. 

The second edition of the Opera Beyond Jam Sessions takes place on Tuesday, May 18th, at 15:00-17:00 CET (or 16:00-18:00 Finnish time) on Zoom.

The program includes:

CASE STUDY of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Dream production that premiered globally to thousands of people online in March 2021. Culmination of cutting edge R&D work, the live performers were captured through motion capture technology, and the virtual platform enabled audiences both in VR and on their mobile devices to interact with the show’s universe in real time. The case study is presented by RSC’s Director of Digital Development, Sarah Ellis.

MASTER CLASS from Santeri Suominen, XR Curator and Specialist at the Helsinki XR Center. Drawing from latest examples of immersive virtual performances and platforms for showcasing art in VR and AR, his presentation will discuss possibilities that virtual presence can offer for performing arts.

“This presentation is an exploration of aesthetic experience, engagement and interactivity in new forms of digital media arts. It is offered as a conversation starter and a challenge. Let’s think together, whether experiments in audience engagement and new methods of experiencing performing arts during the pandemic year can really be carried on to the post-pandemic era. Have art institutions found lasting new avenues of expression and digital practices to build upon – or will everyone try to revert back to the old normal as soon as possible?”

INTERACTIVE FORUM – a free form discussion and exchange between participants.

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  • The next edition of the Jam Sessions takes place on Zoom, May 18th, at 15:00-17:00 CET (or 16:00-18:00 Finnish time). Participation is free of charge.
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