Technology’s Duality: Entity and Environment

A lot has happened since my last post in December 2019. The modern world has faced its worst pandemic yet, morphing people’s relationship with technology from where it was a mere half a year ago. Our work Laila is largely an exploration on humanity’s relationship with itself, as well as our relationship with technology.

AI and Us  – an Opera Experience

In my previous post, I detailed how we at the Ekho Collective began our project of building an immersive opera experience for The Finnish National Opera and Ballet. In this post, I discuss what inspires the story we are concocting for our future visitors. Hyperbolic Futures In media, AI is often seen through two hyperboles. … Continued

What on Earth did we get Ourselves into?

Metaballs, chaos equations, predators and their prey. Contemporary dance, neurological time travel, memories of the future. Potatoes. What does all of this mean? To explain it all to you, we’ll need to travel a few steps back in time, into May 2018… What’s this cool-looking competition thing? In April 2019, a buzz from the tech…