Valeriya Ionan is the Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, in charge of the digital literacy national program, development and growth of SME, new digital professions, online children protection, eurointegration and digital transformation of regions.

Valeria and her team have launched Diia.Digital Education as a national project. It consists of two components. The first one is an online component. It’s the national platform for digital education. The educational process is presented in the form of educational series. More than 1 million Ukrainians have already started to get digital skills on the platform.

The second one is an offline component represented by digital education hubs all over Ukraine. There are places where every citizen could come to and get free access to the online platform. Valeria’s team has already built a network of more than 6000 such digital education hubs.

Also, Valeriya’s team has launched Diia.Business as a national project, aimed at helping entrepreneurs, also consisting of two components. An online component is represented by a national platform for entrepreneurs. There are free online consultations for entrepreneurs on different aspects (taxes, sales, marketing, HR), free online courses for entrepreneurs, columns from the market leaders, and a lot of other useful services. An offline component is represented by entrepreneurship support centers all over Ukraine.

Before working in the Ukrainian government, Valeriya was an entrepreneur. She launched Quadrate 28 specializing on teams on outsource for SME, that has 250+ clients worldwide. Also, she launched MC Today, the first online-magazine for entrepreneurs.

She’s got certificates from the MBA program at Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe in Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Negotiations. Valeriya speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish and is learning Chinese.