Experience the famous orchestral suite “The Planets” by Gustav Holst, played by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton by Krzysztof Urbański, as an interactive 3D audio walk in a park near you, increasingly all around the world. All you need is a smartphone and headphones.

In seven parts, the seven planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are characterized musically. In our app you can find these planets distributed in the park and visit them. Immerse yourself in an intense musical experience of the planets. You can freely move around and explore the immersive sound field of the orchestra.

Get on a shuttle that will take you through space. You navigate it with your feet, walking.
Play an auditory treasure hunt that takes you from planet to planet via binaural 3D audio. Listen to the direction from which you hear speech and music and find your destination.
Float on the music, through space, in the park near you.

Besides the localisation in the Kaivopuisto park in Helsinki, a special localisation has been made in Hesperianpuisto park, right next to the Opera house.

“The Planets” is a production by Sofilab.art and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, supported by the Film and Television Fund FFF Bavaria.

Mathis Nitschke (dramaturgy, sound design, mix) will be present in the Demo & Exhibition area to tell you more about the Planets project.

Read more about the project: The Planets Website

Download it on Apple App Store here.

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