Sami Henrik Haapala is a producer, director, performer, anthropologist and dj. They are also a doctoral candidate in artistic research at the Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke in the University of the Arts Helsinki.

In addition to having degrees in both acting and dance they also hold a BA in Cultural Anthropology. In their doctoral research Haapala focuses on how the performer, participant and environment co-create action in immersive and game performances.

Haapala’s own works cut through theatre, dance and live art. They have created immersive, interactive and collaborative performances with a vast range of makers and institutions both from Finland and internationally. Their latest collaboration is a founding of a new political party led by an artificial intelligence – The AI Party – which is an immersive performance co-produced with independent theatre and live art companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Australia.

They are also the artistic director of a performing arts company The Center for Everything.

Photo: Marko Mäkinen