“At the moment I’m interested in how to apply negotiation practices from BDSM and sex-positive scene for immersive and game performances. By this I mean the mechanisms of negotiation themselves regardless of whether the subject matter is related to sexuality. I’m inspired by how queer communities create safer spaces in order to facilitate action which society at large might define as ‘risky’ in a way that validates the boundaries of everyone involved. If translated to art, this for me gives a glimpse of art which can take more meaningful risks while also taking better care of everyone involved.”

Samee Haapa is a producer, director, performer, anthropologist and a dj. They are a doctoral resarcher in artistic research at the Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke at Theatre Academy in the University of the Arts Helsinki. In addition to having degrees in both acting and dance they also hold a BA in Cultural Anthropology. In their doctoral research Haapa focuses on developing a playtesting method for training performers in immersive and game performances.

They are also the artistic director of a performing arts company The Center for Everything.