“It feels like digital technology is at such an interesting and pivotal moment right now. The experience of the last few years has accelerated everybody’s views towards remote working and visualisation technologies, which is fantastic for sustainability, timesaving, and cost-saving. I’m interested in where we go next; how we can use this data and these digital assets as a sandbox for creativity. We have millimetre-accurate photorealistic digital twins of some of the most iconic performance spaces around the world and the technology to be able to virtually realise full-scale productions that push creative boundaries and reach a global audience is right on the cusp of feasibility.”

Ryan Metcalfe is the founder and Managing Director of visualisation studio Preevue. Based in the UK and the US, Preevue specialises in LiDAR laser scanning and building Digital Twins of spaces for the arts, media, and entertainment industries. Following the formation of the company in 2016, Preevue has grown to become a leading provider of visualisation for theatre productions around the world, including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Bat Out of Hell The Musical, and Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

Clients of Preevue include the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne Opera, the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Lloyd Webber Theatres, Ambassador Theatre Group, and Disney Theatrical Group.

Ryan and his work with Preevue have been featured in publications including The Stage, LSI, and Live Design, and he has spoken at conferences and events including The International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, PLASA, and Immersive Architecture Asia.