The panelists will present us with three different ways of augmenting live performance with projection technologies.

The constant development of projection technologies can enhance the level of immersion in stage arts. For example in The Finnish National Ballet’s Little Mermaid, projection technology created an illusion of being under the sea, with sharks and turtles appearing right next to the audience members wearing 3D glasses. Another method is the traditional projection mapping that benefits today from more and more sophisticated tracking systems. The tracking systems can also be used with many kinds of projection solutions, from those relying on video to alternative techniques like laser. In this panel, the guests will discuss the current and upcoming trends in the field and compare three different technologies creating three dimensional effects on stage.

From the point of view of art institutions’ management there is also a very concrete advantage in digital scenography. Instead of bringing in tens of trucks and personnel delivering a set for a visiting production, the entire scenography can be put on digitally.

Jouka Valkama is a dancer and choreographer who has worked at the Finnish National Ballet since 1995. He is also the new artistic director of dance company Ballet Finland. He has worked as video designer in many live performances, and was responsible for the 3D projections in The Finnish National Ballet’s The Little Mermaid (2015).

Kimmo Karjunen is a lighting, set, video and sound designer within opera and contemporary dance. He has designed more than 40 contemporary dance pieces. He graduated as the Master of Arts from the Theatre Academy of Finland in 1991. Karjunen has been a Senior lecturer of lighting design in the Theatre Academy since 1995. He received the State of Finland Award for the Arts in 2009.

Tatu Tyni has worked as a professional magician for 20 years and has toured all over the world, from the US to North Korea. He is a stage illusion innovator and has created his own Digital Illusion Equipment (D.I.E.) based on lasers tracking props and actors. He has created stage illusions for various theatres, including Helsinki City Theatre and Vaasa City Theatre.