In recent work with 00100ENSEMBLE we have been playing around with the balance of personal and shared experiences. In all of the projects one of the aims is to create a sense of belonging to a momentary community.

By creating a safe and curated multi sensory world we give the audience a choice to wander freely and lose themselves following their own intuition. In a performance where the options can feel limitless, they get the chance to surprise themselves and challenge their own behavioural habits.

At this moment I’m really excited about new unconventional performance spaces, that do not hold a history of any certain type of audience culture. Through this I believe we can create more accessible immersive experiences and create new narratives that reflect the diversity of the world we are living in. Queer bodies, cultures and spaces as an inspiration/celebration.

Onni Hämäläinen is a professional circus artist and director. He is one of the four co-founders of 00100ENSEMBLE, a contemporary multi-artistic collective creating immersive performances. The ensemble was brought together by a desire to create immersive works we have not experienced and worlds that escape defining and rely on the active processes of the viewers mind.

Since graduating from Dans och Cirkushögskolan Onni has been based in Finland and has worked on projects in Germany, Sweden and Spain. In his projects he works as a concept designer, director and also as a performer.