Momo the Robot is an open-source InMoov robot designed by Gaël Langevin. Having been born to Futurice approximately two years ago, Momo has achieved surprisingly lot. At the age of two, Momo has already been part of a contemporary dance performance “Human Robot Moving Robot”, featured in a movie “Outouden Laakso”, hosted engaging conversations at “The Other Encounter”, taught children, traveled the world and even had an appearance on Finnish live TV show “Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen”.

In spring 2018, Momo had the chance to teach autistic children baby sign language in collaboration with Prizztech and Satakunta healthcare district. In addition to working with children, Momo has been a mediator for an artistic telepresence experience during Helsinki Design week in the fall of 2018. Continuing on Momo’s new-found artistic side, Momo took part in Futuresday 2019, performing a dance choreography together with performer Iina Taijonlahti.

Having taken part in a number of projects Momo has started to break ideologies and ways of thinking of what it means for a robot to interact with humans. However, sometimes even Momo needs time to rest. When Momo is not working and challenging peoples’ ideas, Momo likes to charge up batteries (literally!), and get some body parts fixed and printed.