“There are always untold stories behind the dominant narratives. Whereas music in cinema has the ability to convey the true emotions of the characters despite what is seen on the screen, in augmented reality experiences, sounds and voices could play a similar role in disclosing an invisible layer of alternative truth hidden from the common eye. I’m super excited about the possibilities of audio augmented reality as an art form for telling stories connected to real environments and real people. I’m also excited when getting to experiment with new ways to use technology for narrative and artistic purposes.”

Matias Harju is a sound designer and musician specialising in immersive and interactive sonic storytelling. He is currently developing audio augmented reality (AAR) with six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) as a narrative and interactive medium at WHS in Helsinki. He is also active in making adaptive music, immersive sound design, and bug-free code for other projects including XR, video games, installations, and live performances.

Matias is a Master of Music from Sibelius Academy with a background in multiple musical genres, music education, and audio technology. He also holds a master’s degree from the Sound in New Media programme at Aalto University.