I see digitalization of arts as a limitless horizon of possibilities. Entertainment, arts, culture, humor, sports, porn, gaming… They are not just circus fun but part of overall security, welfare society, competitive state and meaningful life.  To utilize all the possibilities  and power of culture and entertainment requires not only knowing the channels and tools, but also that we monitor the society around us; recognize both the products of cultural institutions, but also the cultural currents emanating from civil society and underground. In a free society we can’t control arts and entertainment, we need to be able to communicate with all of that.  Art world – far from being sheltered inside the walls of galleries and institutions – has been undergoing a metamorphosis of its own. We just don’t “transfer something somewhere”. We just need to add one more stage to our planning and rejoice how digital art space democratises, educates and socialises the way in which art is consumed.”

Kaisa has worked in management and expert positions in the cultural sector for 20 years, latest as a CEO of Music Finland. She has started as CEO of Music x Media this autumn. She has a passion to deliver the message of the power of arts and culture and develop the international dialogue and innovation between premium content, new technologies and digital services.

Photo credit: Miikka Varila