“Whether it’s the thrill of a rollercoaster ride, an intense look in your eyes inside a huge labyrinth or a moment in a virtual paradise that makes you question the life around you – it all comes down to something that for me is the juicy essence of immersive experiences: a personal, though somehow shared adventure. An adventure packed in a fleeting moment, that has the potential to be transformative.”

Inna Huttunen is an experience designer and producer specialized in immersive and impactful experiences. She is the managing director of Recover Laboratory, a pioneering Finnish immersive art company drawing from contemporary circus, visual arts and performance art. RecLab creates surreal art experiences focused on human contact, honesty and freedom.

In addition to co-leading Recover Laboratory, Huttunen has worked extensively with immersive experiences – from designing and producing some of Finland’s first escape games and large-scale labyrinths under the ground to awarded marketing stunts and custom-made event concepts. Currently Huttunen is also producing a pioneering virtual reality theatre performance, Love Simulation EVE, that premieres in 2023.