Ike Rings is a creative technologist who is passionate about the intersection of art, science and technology. He is currently working at Futurice as a specialist of emerging technologies such as Mixed Reality and Social Robotics, both of which explore and experiment with various aspects of human-machine interaction. 

Ike’s main area of interest are immersive visual technologies, especially Augmented Reality. However, these technologies do not exist in a vacuum and therefore he continues to experiment with machine learning aspects such as computer vision and neural networks with other Futurice experts. These experiments are a part of innovation company activities and when immersive visuals are combined with machine learning and other approaches to AI, unforeseen yet delightful results can emerge.

Experimentation, research and continuous learning-by-doing are vital elements of Ike’s work. In the context of the arts, he is especially fascinated by the user interaction and experience with immersive visual technologies and new realities.