Questions I ask and that guide me currently: Where can the new immersive and web3 technologies that we are developing take us? What are the problems we can solve? Which systems can we change, what new economies can we create where it is needed the most, and how can we make sure that we spend LESS and more QUALITY time in this next iteration of the Internet?

Ida has an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. She has lived in eight countries and speaks five languages. Her experience from creative technologies is extensive: she worked together with Dexter Studios in South Korea to develop the 3D interior screens for SLS Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, and she has  worked with 3D musicals and early VR applications of architectural renderings. 

In June 2021, Ida joined Journee. Her work in the metaverse and web3 field is centred around the question “What’s next?”. She works with the bricks and mortar as well as the newest NFT use cases to have a deep, vertical and horizontal understanding of the current developments. Together with the best partners in the web3 space, she is driving the cloud rendered Journee solution forward to keep developing the most immersive, seamless, and accessible solution, integrated with interoperability of assets and user ownership. 

Ida is a frequent keynote speaker, panellist and moderator and has been speaking at events such as the World Economic Forum, Deloitte Innovation Day, Split X Summit, House of Beautiful Business, yWhales podcast, CityAge and many more.