Barcelona, Spain 

Cacao Cinema aims to create interactive experiences that merge filmmaking, video games, architecture, technology, and art. They are focused on creating interactive and immersive experiences that combine different languages and technologies.

Their project: Gaming CircOpera – Let’s play together. .  

Their project is evolving between two main ideas: to bring the videogame language in Circopera and to make the audience interact with the artists so that they can be a part of the play, keeping the protagonism of the performers in the scene.

They want to give the audience the possibility of creating their own avatars to share the stage as virtual performers in harmony with the actual artists. “To be part of the play in a way never seen before, not just as a spectator, but as a performer, while they immerse themselves in an interactive, magical and dreamlike world.”

Get to know the Team  

The team is composed of three professionals. Nell Córdova is a Filmmaker, Producer and the Creative Director at Cacao Cinema, Nelson Zambrano is an Architect, CG Artist and the CEO at Cacao Cinema, Conrado Pittari is a Visual Artist, Video Game Developer and the Technology director at Cacao Cinema.