Antinranta is a multidisciplinary designer, sound artist, and futurist. She explores art as a method for designing more humane technology-driven services. For the past twenty years, Antinranta has worked as a designer both in-house and in consultancies and founded companies of her own. Her versatile design portfolio includes concept designs for everything from mobile phone apps to physical experiences. In her sonic works, she draws inspiration from emerging technologies and experiments with biodata from plants and humans, and electromagnetic radiations from robots and household machines. 

Antinranta works as a principal designer and futurist at Futurice, a digital consulting agency. She is a founder and CEO of New Narratives oy – a creative agency and production company specializing in media art, audio and music production. A co-founder of the award-winning Tulevaisuuspäivä, aimed at bringing future literacy to everyone’s toolkit. A co-developer of the award-nominated Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit for demystifying machine learning. And she is a driving force behind the award-nominated future vision exploring how we live and consume in 2030. Her Artist projects include composing music under the name Antinranta, and sound experiments in Lingua Plantae project. 

Photo credit: Katriina Haikala