Currently I’m inspired how I’m able to work within an industry that has a huge platform. Film and TV has the ability to talk about the hard topics in the most innovative way and really make a positive difference in the world – we should seize the opportunity! We reach our audience daily, but it’s still not that common for people to know the details of production culture and what’s the true prize of making news and hit shows. We should push for sustainable future both in front of and behind the camera.

Anne Puolanne works as a Sustainability Manager in Audiovisual Producers Finland APFI, leading the way for the Finnish film and TV industry to become more sustainable in all levels from practice to policies. Since the early 2010’s Anne has worked as a TV freelancer in addition to being one of the pioneers to bring up the green topic in Finland. She is the co-author of the nation’s first sustainability guidebook “Ekosetti – A Guidebook to Sustainable Audiovisual Production in Finland” (2019). Anne holds a BA in Media & Arts (2012) and a BSc in Natural Resources (2020).