Helsinki, Finland & Zürich, Switzerland  

“We make art using tech, and then we merge it with tech”. Academic Art Hackers’ creations are inspired by tech enabling novel artistic experiences so that they can achieve something unimaginable.

Their project 

With this project, they want to arouse feelings of joy and surprise in the audience by making novel combinations of familiar elements of circus and opera, such as animals and visual and sound effects, combined with interaction. Their enthusiasm for artistic work completes their competence and the used technology (e.g., mocap, 3D audio) to implement the project. They are using technology for drones, which can be applied in a new context.

Get to know the team 

The team is composed of 16 people: engineers, artists, designers, and other creators. Eight people are from Helsinki, Finland, and eight are from Zürich, Switzerland. The members of the team are Petri Juntunen, Marcus Korhonen, Matti Niinimäki, Sofia Pantouvaki, Krisjanis Rijnieks, Antti Ruotoistenmäki, Mikko Sams, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Martin Fröhlich, Joël Gähwiler, Christian Iseli, Roman Jurt, Max Kriegleder, Eric Larrieux, Oliver Sahli and Stella Speziali.