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The Art >< Technology podcast, hosted by Opera Beyond’s Annastina Haapasaari and Assembly’s Nuppu Stenros in Autumn 2021, dived into the crossroads of art and technology by discussing current phenomena and interviewing interesting creators and visionaries.

A collaboration of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Assembly and Telia broadcasted on Radio Helsinki, we discussed embodied immersive experiences, the future of audio and music technology, ethical questions surrounding technology and AI, among other themes. The podcast is in Finnish. You can listen to the podcast here.

Below is a list of the podcast episodes, themes and guests.

14.10.2021 – Both opera and video games are Gesamtkunstwerk, with technology playing an important part. We looked into other common deminators with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s Lilli Paasikivi and Remedy Entertainment’s Mikael “Mixu” Kasurinen.

21.10.2021 – Metaverse and future art experiences in virtual alternative reality with Helsinki XR Center’s Santeri Suominen and ZOAN’s Laura Olin.

28.10.2021 – Is immersion and interactivity just a trend transforming art into a giant amusement park? We spoke with Amos Rex Museum’s Kai Kartio and Helsinki Festival’s Marko Ahtisaari.

4.11.2021 – Projections, holograms, AR, flying drones and spatial audio, and how they are changing live performance with lighting designer Mikki Kunttu and Eurovision expert Mikko Silvennoinen.

11.11.2021 – Ethical questions related to AI with Kasperi Laine, Digital Idiots’ Marko Tandefelt and Digiteatteri’s Aku Meriläinen.

18.11.2021 – AI, machine learning and algorithms with creative technologist Essi Salmenkivi and VRBB’s Laura Hirvi.

25.11.2021 – Fashion, dance and technology with Tero Saarinen Company’s Tero Saarinen and Aalto University’s Natalia Särmäkäri.

9.12.2021 – Future of audio and music technology with Genelec’s Juho Martikainen and sound designer Tuomas Norvio.