Opera Beyond is all about the collision of new technologies and performing arts. Let’s create something truly ground-breaking together.

Opera Beyond is an initiative by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, a project of research, connecting and creating at the crossroads of art and technology. We aim to inspire, learn more and share best practices with artists, thinkers, designers and tech and arts professionals worldwide. 

Within the Opera Beyond framework we produce performances (like immersive main stage production CircOpera 2.0)  and other, new kinds of experiences for the audience (such as LAILA and Common Domain), but also want to find out how new technologies can enhance our production processes and digital workflows

We want to build bridges between the art and tech industries, create dialogue and share best practices in the field. This is why we are actively organising conferences and webinars, and produced our own podcast on the topic. We are always looking for new ideas on how to expand our project even further.

“The world around us is changing, but all we do is play the same bloody violin.”

– Esa-Pekka Salonen

Time inevitably brings change. Breakthroughs in understanding and innovations in technology alter the landscape of the future. We, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, are steeped in tradition; we honour the classics, the greats – we bring to the stage librettos of splendour.

Now – we want to invite our audiences to be active participators, to stimulate the senses to another level, and to highlight emotions. We bring the prestige, drama, skills, and thrills of the traditional Opera and Ballet, and we move beyond.

Should we have a chat?

We are always happy to hear from like-minded people! If you have a question, want to join us or suggest a speaker for our events, contact us!

Annastina Haapasaari
Project Manager, Opera Beyond
The Finnish National Opera and Ballet
+358 44 0806 920

Want to become a partner?

Our journey is well on its way and we’re looking for ambitious partners  – both as sponsors and donors. Contact us to hear more of various and fascinating partnership possibilities. You can also join our journey by becoming a donor online: www.oopperabaletti.fi/donate.*

Lauri Pokkinen
External Relations Manager   
The Finnish National Opera and Ballet
+358 44 262 7699

*The Finnish National Opera and Ballet Foundation has a fundraising permit RA/2018/815, granted by the National Police Board on 20 September 2018, valid from 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2021 in all of Finland, aside from Åland. Read more:www.oopperabaletti.fi/donate.

Our partners

Jane and Aatos Erkko foundation has given a grant (1 070 000 euros) for the Opera Beyond project.

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